PTN: Pakistan Tehreek Nizam

What is our vision?

We want to make Pakistan:

  1. A true social welfare state “Falahy Ryasat” so that there is not a single person who sleeps hungry, does not have a home to live in, does not have a good medical care and does not have opportunities for good education.

  2. A country where each of its citizen has equal rights and no one will try to take away anybody else's right.

  3. Where every person have a hope for the future for himself and his children.

  4. Where the menace of corruption is totally eradicated from top to bottom.

  5. A totally independent country so that she does not have to take any dictation from any foreign agency or country.

  6. A strong country in every aspect, so that no enemy will ever think of invading its ideological and physical boundaries.