What are our Demands?

We term this ultimate change as a revolution.

A true revolution needs to have three things; Vision, Demands and Leadership.

There is a lot of talk of revolution. However, unfortunately, there is lack of vision, nobody is putting up the demands to bring about the concrete change and there is no leadership.

We have a vision, we have demands those will bring the change our country needs and Dr. Shahzad Latif is providing the leadership we need to bring about the change.

Our Demands are simple and straight forward:

Demand One:

Amend constitution;

To make Pakistan a Presidential Democracy and bring other government structural changes those we are proposing.

President would be elected by people on basis of one person one vote over the age of 21years, with minimal of 66% majority.

Provinces be dissolved into 30 Divisions and each Division into 10 sub-divisions. Division governed by Administrators. These Administrators would be appointed by the President. Divisional government would have a representative body with elected members from each sub-divisional area. These members would bring issues of their regions to the floor and make local laws. . 

National parliament would have 10 elected members representing one each of sub-divisional areas. And Senate two elected members from each Division.

Each sub-division would be of equal size in terms of population and each Division will be of equal number of sub-divisional population.

Change constitutional amendment process to: Amendment must be approved by 75% of both houses, 75% of each of the Divisional legislative bodies (at least 23out of 30 bodies must approve) and then President must sign it.

Demand Two:

A new election commission be formed with the recommendation of the Supreme Court Judges.

Demand Three:

After making necessary constitutional changes as demanded above, Federal and provincial Parliaments be dissolved. President resign. Interim government takes over with minimal cabinet with interim President and fifteen or less ministers. Members of the interim government would be from the pool of individuals recommended by the judiciary.

Demand Four:

Hold elections for President and National Parliament members both houses.
Hold elections for Divisional Legislative Representatives.

Demand Five:

New President and parliament members (both houses) take oath.
Appointed Divisional Administrators and elected Divisional Legislative Representatives take oath.
Selected Ministers take oath.