PTN: Pakistan Tehreek Nizam

What is our Manifesto?

Once our proposed structure is implemented then we will work to achieve the following objectives.


  • Every step will be taken to make Pakistan a true social welfare state “Falahy Ryasat”.

  • Fair redistribution of wealth will take place.

  • Tax rates on rich and landlords will be lowered and tax collection will be ensured and maximized.

  • Tax income and retrieved money from people who borrowed but never paid back, will be used to fund the subsidies for lower income families, in food, agriculture industry, electricity, petrol and also will take up projects those are vital for short and long terms.

  • It would be made sure every individual who is in low income category, is well fed by highly subsidizing the food stuff.

  • Every one who cannot afford medical attention will be made sure is well looked after.

  • Condition of existing hospitals will be improved and new hospitals will be built.

  • It will be ensured that every individual's civil rights are protected.

  • Every effort will be made to ensure people are treated on merit rather than nepotism, social class or family background.

  • Medical doctors and nurses will be trained to do a better job and be polite. Their salaries will be increased with a good margin.

  • Energy and Water: Drastic short term and long term steps will be taken to fix the energy situation. Immediate steps will be taken to utilize Alternative Energy Sources (Sun, Coal, Wind, tidal etc) and Water (Building reservoirs, Maintaining Rivers & Canals), Building & Maintenence of Dams. to generate electricity.

  • Infra-structure will be planned in such a way to establish new commercial centers (Cities/Towns). This will help in redistribution of wealth and reduction in rural to urban migration pressures.



  • Full accountability will take place for the individuals who have participated in corruption.

  • Billions of dollars stolen from Pakistan those have been stashed away inside or overseas will be brought back in Pakistan. The money hidden outside could alone fix our financial issues. Bank records will be scrutinized and see who had their loans not paid back. That money will be traced. All the legal procedure will be used to retrieve the money.

  • All national accounts will be kept transparent so everybody can review and question.

  • Accounts of all departments from national to sub-divisional level will be kept online (updated every day). Everyone will have access to it if and when desired.

  • All soucing will be done online. Salary and job description of every bureaucrat of high grade will be online. All will be made part of public record.

  • All properties owned by the government will be listed. Any sale of it will be done on transparent basis and all records will be online.

  • No money will be given to elected members to spend as it makes them corrupt.

  • NAB will be given under Judiciary and the top positions must be held by on duty judges appointed by the Supreme Court. NAB will make sure to hold everyone accountable to his action at every level.

  • Tough laws against corruption will be enacted and enforced. Internet and other means will be used to track corruption. Corrupt individuals will be given exemplary punishments.

  • New police forces (at each division level) will be established. Salary of police will be doubled. Young people will be hired with high pay scales so that they stay away from corrupt practices. It would be made sure they enforce laws honestly and dedicatedly.Police will be ensured to work independent without any political influence.

  • Judiciary will be made totally independent with no executive branch influence whatsoever.

  • A few individuals will not be allowed to take country hostage. A referendum will be held in Baluchistan to see if they want ''sardarsi system'' or not. If not, then ''sardary system’’ will be abolished. Heavy investment will be made in Baluchistan areas for its development of land and people. 80% of income earned from this current province will be reinvested back in these areas.

  • For terrorism, basic elements will be targeted. The very reasons behind terrorism will be focused and addressed. Multi-prong strategy will be used to eradicate this issue.


ECONOMIC UPBRINGING (Controlling Inflation and Increasing Employment)

  • Loans borrowed from IMF will be paid off soonest so that we can get out of its pressures.

  • Agriculture sector will be given the top priority so that we can make Pakistan an agriculture country in the true sense.

  • Land reform will take place. Landlords will be forced to sell lands to peasants so that they can make decent livelihood. Also sell to corporations so that they could enhance agricultural production as well as set up food processing industries. Thus landlords' undue clout will be eliminated.

  • Free enterprise system will be supported and investments will be fully protected so that investors can create jobs.

  • Every effort will be made to maintain real GDP above 7% consistently.

  • Export policy will be changed to make sure agricultural products are exported only when they are in excess and only in form of value-added shape.

  • Food processing industry will be encouraged to produce value-added food products to improve employment situation.

  • Cold storages will be built to make sure food products are available in case of shortages and out of season.

  • Every possiblething will be done to get our economic comparative advantage in labor back by keeping costs low.

  • Water reservoirs will be built strategically to make sure maximum flood water is saved and used productively instead of losing it to the sea. This will also help reduce destruction due to flooding.

  • Infra-structure will be enhanced and improved in order to cut down on distances to save time and energy.

  • Free trade agreements will be signed with other countries to enhance exports.

  • Exports will be improved every way possible. Manufacturers will be encouraged to be innovative and come up with new products rather than compete amongst themselves. New markets will be found.

  • Annual calendar will be designed to include perpetual economic stimulant days such as mother's day, etc.

  • Commercial Sections in Pakistan embassies will be used effectively to enhance investment and exports.

  • Quality assurance in manufacturing will be given high priority.

  • Every effort will be made to protect intellectual property rights.

  • Industries like cement, minerals, chemical, fertilizer, food processing, will be highly encouraged to reduce foreign dependence and cost.

  • State Bank will be made totally autonomous and will be encouraged to make monetary policies those encourage investment thus enhance supply side.

  • New markets will be found for defense production.

  • Performance of Tourism department will be brought to the level of other countries where they enjoy high level of tourism.



  • Foreign policy will be revised. Our foreign policy will be Islamic countries-centric rather than India-centric or US-centric.

  • Islamic countries will be asked to trade in their currencies in order to improve the values.

  • Kashmir Policy: This issue will be raised with non-violent means through non-political actors. It will be resolved in the similar fashion as Southern Sudan and East Timor. Different media will be used effectively to raise awareness around the globe.

  • Relations with USA, China, India and Russia will be given due priority and will be established and enhance on the basis of mutual respect, equality and sovereignty.

  • Free, honest and responsible journalism will be encouraged and developed further. .



  • Education budget will be increased to 25% of GDP in order to improve existing schools and open new schools where they are needed. Improve quality of teaching. Establish uniform curriculum across the country to make sure every student has same level of education. School bus/rickshaw service will be provided where necessary.

  • Learn and earn programs will be introduced so that children can learn regular school courses and skills while making money to be able to continue to supplement family income.

  • Teachers will be properly trained and their salaries will be doubled so that they can do a better job.

  • Higher education will be given a great deal of importance. Sister campuses of renowned universities will be established in Pakistan to avoid brain-drain and waste of foreign exchange.

  • Research and innovation will be invested in heavily to come up with new products to be manufactured domestically for consumption and export. This will enhance economic activity.

  • Efficiency level of the people will be increased to make them more productive and competitive.



  • Islamic affairs and minorities affairs will be given due attention.

  • True Pakistani culture will be promoted and people will be educated about difference in our and our neighboring country's culture. Also they will be educated that Pakistan was built on two nation theory. We cannot let our present and coming generations to assimilate so that we lose our identity.

  • Film/Theater industry will be invested in so that it can stand on its feet. Pakistani movies will be played in Pakistani cinemas rather than neighbor's.

  • Extensive social engineering will be done to eradicate the bad habits we have developed in terms of cleanliness, no regard for others rights, nepotism etc.



  • Overseas Pakistanis will be directed to strategically get involved in domestic politics of their countries of residence so that they can positively influence the policies towards Pakistan and Islam.

  • Services of overseas Pakistanis will be utilized for the betterment of the country in an effective manner.

  • Every effort will be made to control population.

  • Volunteerism will be strategically encouraged and rewarded.

  • Democracy will be encouraged at grass root levels. Young people will be encouraged to come forward to participate in politics in order to bring out new leaders from all classes and areas.

  • Inter-city sports will be encouraged rather than departmental sports. This way people show more interest and the level of competitiveness is raised. New talent will come forward. Businesses will be encouraged to support athletes financially. Funds will be invested in different sports. High performing athletes will be rewarded fairly. Hierarchical structure of sports Associations will be set up.

  • Media will be encouraged to broadcast programs those reflect Pakistani culture rather than the programs those instill bad elements in society.

  • Defense budget will be brought to a reasonable level by controlling the wastefulness.

  • Border Security Forces personnel will be increased by 50% in number to improve the security at the borders and the force will be better equipped with most modern equipment.

  • Drastic changes in laws those are hindering the progress of the country economically, politically or socially, will be brought about.

  • More investment will be made in railways to enhance its service quality.

  • Environment: Jungles, air quality, wild life, river, lakes quality will be improved. Recycling will be required.

  • President and Ministers will be required to have a free press conferences end of every month. No questions will be refused except related to security of Pakistan.

  • Number of ministries at the federal level will be limited to 15 to 20. Different departments under each ministry be increased.