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Why we need this Change?

Enough Is Enough!

Our economy is in shambles. We are trillions of Ruppees under debt and continue to go deeper in debt hole.

Our policies are being dictated by outsiders.

We are facing hyper inflation with prices increasing many folds. Hyper inflation, unemployment or under-employment is rendering people unable to afford the basic necessities.

Even the middle class is falling below the poverty line due to inflation and lack of jobs.

Nothing has been done over time to forecast and plan to meet the demand by enhancing the supply of utilities. Individuals and businesses are facing shortage of basic utilities which is tremendously hurting the productivity.

Corruption is at its highest. Corruption has become our national trait. I challenge you to name one sector where there is no corruption.

Politics has become a family business. Second and third generation politicians are coming into “political market”. They have already started part-taking in corruption by virtue of positions their parents held or are holding.

Politicians have failed to keep up the country with the rest of the world in terms of development. While they are quarreling to form or save their governments through horse trading.

Political parties themselves are involved in target killings to establish supremacy in cities.

Under the status quo nothing will be changed by elections, only the faces. One group comes, make their share of wealth and then the next group takes over to loot!

This vicious cycle will continue while poor masses go deeper and deeper in the hole.

Superficial changes will not help. The whole system needs to be changed.

This change to Presidential system and disolution of provinces, is the only way to get rid of opportunist politicians from the national scene because they will come to know that they are not getting ministries and other influential positions to make money any more. So they will leave politics and give way to new faces who are sincere to the people and country.

The time is now! Instead of thinking about it and putting it off let us bring the change now!

This is the revolution we have been talking about for past 70years! Be part of it.

Be part of it.

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